The leader within is your intuition and natural intelligence that guides you in every moment.
Tapping into this is life mastery and the conscious creation of a life of joy and fulfilment.


Hello, I’m Courtney!

I help people discover the answers they have inside them. I love to see the moment they realize their natural intelligence, their intuition, is trustworthy and they have the power to overcome any challenge they face to create positive life experiences.


How I can help


Ascension Leadership

The Advanced Certificate in Ascension Leadership takes you on an in-depth journey through the Five Pillars of the Ascension Leadership Model


Emotional Mastery

This program helps you uncover the limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns that hold you back and stop you from reaching for more. I teach you how to easily and quickly resolve negative emotional states and reconnect with confidence and inner harmony.  


Spiritual Development

​Focusing on the energetic influences present in your life, I provide insight into opportunities and positive actions to support you to create your desired outcomes and experiences.