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I'm Courtney

I help people discover the answers they have inside them. I love to see the moment they realize their natural intelligence, their intuition, is trustworthy and they have the power to overcome any challenge they face to create positive life experiences. 

Using cognitive techniques such as Hypnosis, Positive Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), we peel back the layers to uncover the root cause of emotional disharmony, freeing you to choose new behaviors that support your total well-being.

These techniques are safe and effective, tapping into your body’s natural intelligence and ability to self-heal. They can be applied to a wide range of conditions including; stress and anxiety, breaking bad habits, overcoming fears and phobias and managing chronic pain.

This approach is ideal to help you enhance your performance and outcomes in any life area from health and well-being to business and career, inter-personal relationships and spiritual development.

How I can help you

Career & Business Development

Career & Business

The Leader Within introduces you to the 5 Pillars of Ascension Leadership to increase your intuition, emotional intelligence and awareness of purpose.

  • Discover your current thinking style and how to enter a state of flow and connection to confidently make heart-centered decisions that benefit your business or career.
  • Discover what sets you apart as an innovative leader with integrity and a record of success.
  • Explore the concepts of energy and intuition and how to apply this in the real world as a leader and key person of influence within your field.  

Uncover the 7 steps to Ascension Leadership and Intuition in Business via my book, online self-paced learning modules or 1:1 coaching program.

courtney jones coaching

Emotional Mastery

Sometimes you just feel stuck, stifled, or frustrated because you know you have more to give but you’re always pushing against some unseen force. 

This program helps you uncover the limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns that hold you back and stop you from reaching for more. I teach you how to easily and quickly resolve negative emotional states and reconnect with confidence and inner harmony.  

The Emotional Mastery program combines techniques in Hypnosis, NLP and Positive Psychology and can be applied to help you deal with emotional trauma and heal past wounds, overcome bad habits, manage stress, anxiety, anger and frustration, overcome insomnia, move beyond procrastination and lack of direction, deal with feelings of grief, guilt and unworthiness and manage chronic pain and allergies.

This is a 1:1 online coaching program that will trigger rapid, positive change and support you to regain control of your life.

Spiritual Guidance & Clarity

Spiritual Guidance

When you’re at a fork in the road or seeking confirmation about your ideas and inklings,  you need to understand what’s influencing the situation and how you can make the most of the opportunities in front of you.

I use Psychic and Mediumistic connections to bring messages from Spirit to provide clarity around the current circumstances and how to overcome any obstacles.

​Focusing on the energetic influences present in your life, I provide insight into opportunities and positive actions to support you to create your desired outcomes and experiences.

This is a profound and valuable way to connect with inner truths and identify personal strengths to resolve challenges and move forward in life.

A spiritual reading can instigate significant emotional healing and is a beautiful way to gain clarity and explore options for your life path.

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