Reconnect with your intuition and step into your personal power

Imagine being able to instantly identify positive actions to support your life goals.

What would it feel like to know you can create the circumstances and outcomes in your life that provide the greatest amount of joy and fulfillment?

How would your life change if you were able to identify self-sabotage patterns and limiting beliefs and easily replace them with empowering habits and beliefs?

Are you ready to trust your intuition and realign with your highest purpose?


I’m Courtney

I combine mindset transformation techniques with energy healing and intuitive guidance to support you to break free of self-sabotage patterns and step into your personal power.

What I Do

Leadership Ascension Academy

The Leadership Ascension Academy offers books, training, and certification in Ascension Leadership, intuitive development, hypnosis and trance healing, and energy medicine.

Undercover Intuitive

Everyone has intuition but not everyone truly connects with and trusts this to navigate change, and feel confident in making decisions. Learn how to reconnect with your inner guidance to create joy and meaning in your life.

Emotional Mastery

Discover rapid change techniques to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs and create empowering, positive habits to support your personal growth.


"Over the space of a few weeks, I feel lighter, stronger and more in control of my journey than ever before. Such a valuable and powerful experience that I would recommend to all."

Lee B Education Profesional 

"Courtney not only helped me shift my state of mind and lift me out of my depressed state, she also gave me the tools to help myself."

Simone K. UserX Designer

"Courtney shares the skills needed to clear and shift energy and help transform your life. I can’t thank her enough for this gift."

Jodi B. Group Experience Manager

"Courtney worked alongside me, not preaching but teaching, opening my mind, heart, and eyes to the abundance of possibilities and to get excited about life again."

Sara M. Music Industry Manager

"Courtney is an amazing practitioner, passionate about what she is doing. I had an 8 hour Breakthrough in just one day and I can feel my life changed completely after the session."

Sri C. Alternate Healthcare Specialist

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