Connect with Spirit

Using Psychic and Mediumistic connections I bring forward guidance to assist with clearing and healing emotional blocks and gaining insight into career, relationships, and life path. 

I focus on the energetic influences present in your life to provide insight into actions that support personal growth and open you to greater joy and fulfillment.

A spiritual reading can instigate significant emotional healing and is a beautiful way to gain clarity and explore options for your life path.

$130 | Online | Book Now

Develop your Connection

Develop your own psychic and spiritual connection and gain a deeper understanding of self. This program is designed to overcome blockages and limiting beliefs related to your intuitive abilities and reconnect you to your inner wisdom and insight.  Over 6 1-on-1 sessions you will discover how to tune in to your body, inner voice and Guides, raise your vibration and manage your energy. You will explore the use of tools such as Psychometry, Oracle cards, crystals and pendulum dowsing and gain skills in interpreting symbolism and understanding your personal processes for receiving information and guidance.

This is a deeply transformative program which will give you the skills and confidence to take guided action in your own life and support others to follow their own path. Once you open the door to your connection with Spirit, you will rapidly shift your perceptions, beliefs and energy.

$1200 | 6 x 1 on 1 Online Sessions | Enquire Now