Courtney Jones


The Leadership Ascension Academy offers books, training, and certification in Ascension Leadership, intuitive development, hypnosis and trance healing, and energy medicine.

The Leader Within – 7 Steps to Ascension Leadership and Intuition in Business

This book is for all women who feel called to lead with their hearts and create positive change. It is for those who know there is a compassionate way to do business that uplifts the communities they serve.

This book will lead you through the Ascension Leadership Model as the key to:

  • Release outmoded thinking that keeps you stuck
  • Understand your body’s unique psycho-physical intuition process
  • Acknowledge and trust your intuition
  • Apply intuition to your life, career, or business
  • Increase clarity and creativity and raise your vibration
  • Step into your Creatorship and take control of life

Whether you consider yourself an ‘Undercover Intuitive’ in your workplace or you are new to the spiritual path, this book guides you to combine your skills, intuition, and passion to improve your business outcomes and unleash the Leader Within.

Advanced Certificate of Ascension Leadership

This course takes you on an in-depth journey through the Five Pillars of the Ascension Leadership ModelTM where you will:

  • Uncover the unconscious blocks that stop you from achieving your career goals
  • Release negative emotions and evolve your thinking style
  • Tap into your intuition and creative problem-solving abilities
  • Learn how to read energy and understand a situation from a higher perspective
  • Increase your energetic vibration and become a magnet for your dreams and desires
  • Become a conscious creator and purposefully design your ideal life