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The path from A to B is never a straight line and that’s what makes life so much more interesting!

For 5 years I was the owner and operator the busy retail florist business. I channeled my creativity into making beautiful arrangements to help people celebrate milestones in their lives, support each other through times of grief and loss and express their love for one another. It was also a learning in team dynamics and how to get the best out of people. After selling the business I dabbled in the fitness industry, excited for the opportunity to support people to achieve their health goals. But, I quickly saw the false security a gym membership offers, as so many people give up due to limiting beliefs about their self-worth and abilities.

Thus, I entered the Public Sector and became immersed in the world of government. This inspired me to learn more about communication styles and the hidden meanings behind the things that people say and do. I launched into studies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology and learnt how to apply language patterns to more clearly express meaning and achieve positive outcomes.

These studies opened the door to learning about Hypnosis, energy psychology and the mind-body connection. I became deeply interested in the energetic vibration that our words, thoughts and actions carry and learnt techniques in Pranic healing, Reiki and EFT.


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Working with these energy modalities reconnected me with my intuition and saw my spiritual side quickly develop. I began to understand that the messages and information that I received was from a place of great wisdom and have used this to help people through challenges in their lives by offering deeper insights and energetic healing to help release emotional and genetic memories from the body.

This combination of modalities has helped me develop a style of working with the mind and body to support others to tap into their own ability for self-healing and wisdom so that they can overcome their personal challenges and achieve their goals.

I connect deeply with my intuition and spiritual guidance when working with clients to support them through change and transformation and have found this approach raises consciousness allowing a person to realign with their inherent gifts and highest purpose.

It’s my pleasure to work each day with different people and learn more and more about the way we create our reality and interact with others, proving our own part as conscious creators and powerful beings.


Courtney is also known as the ‘Undercover Intuitive’. She blends her intuition and spiritual connection with business development and leadership strategies. With an accomplished career in the public sector, Courtney is also a master practitioner and trainer of modern hypnosis and a master practitioner of Timeline Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She has worked with hundreds of clients to help them understand their role in the creation of their life experiences and step fully into their truest selves. 

Her first book, The Leader Within was published in September 2020 and in May 2021 was awarded an international e-Literature Award. Dr. Sue Morter said, “The magic of Courtney’s work is that it benefits all areas of your life and positively influences those around you to step into a higher vibration and ascend into conscious thinking and graceful being.”

Courtney’s mission is to help emerging leaders and change-makers reconnect with and trust their intuition. She believes that if educators, corporate and government organizations encouraged and acted with a heart-centered approach, communities, and individuals would begin to solve unsolvable problems and lead empowered abundant lives.  

“My Ascension Leadership model reveals how applying the model to your life can free you from self-doubt and indecision. You will open to higher consciousness and enhanced energy and creativity as a leader and a changemaker.” 

“To be an effective leader, you need to set very clear intentions to understand your purpose and why you are doing what you do. Setting intentions is like creating your future.

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Courtney is available to speak on a range of topics focusing on energy, intuition, and the mind-body connection. She is a skilled workshop facilitator and loves demonstrating tools and techniques so audiences have first-hand experience of their personal power and inner wisdom.

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