Finally, a way to advance your career without compromising your values or selling your soul.

  • Do you feel stifled in a male-dominated, bottom-line driven work culture?
  • Are you constantly challenged to toe the line and conform to the “business as usual” mindset to move ahead in your career?
  • Are you longing to contribute to ethical business outcomes and find meaning and fulfillment in your work or career?

The Advanced Certificate in Ascension Leadership is for all women who feel called to lead with their hearts and create positive change in the world. It is for those who know there is a compassionate, ethical way to do business that uplifts the communities you serve and creates a ripple effect of social and emotional wellbeing and empowerment.


Hi, I’m Courtney

In 2010, I entered the Public Sector and became immersed in the world of government. This inspired me to learn more about communication styles and the hidden meanings behind the words we use. My journey led me to develop a style of working with the mind and body to support others to tap into their own ability for self-healing and wisdom so that they can overcome their personal challenges and achieve their goals.

This course is my keystone offering to help you learn to connect deeply with your intuition and spiritual guidance and begin a transformation to raises your consciousness, realign with your inherent gifts and highest purpose.

  • You sense we are on the cusp of a major shift in economic and social policy, and you know we need to start putting sustainability and ethical decision-making first.
  • You have inspired ideas that will change your business in positive and meaningful ways, and you know your approach is empowering and effective.
  • You celebrate the wins and successes of others, and you love sharing your knowledge and skills and developing your self-awareness.
  • You crave the chance to be a way-shower and positive force and you’re ready to step up and lead the way!

This course

takes you on an in-depth journey through the Five Pillars of the Ascension Leadership Model where you will uncover the unconscious blocks that stop you from fully stepping up, learn to consciously evolve your thinking style to become an aligned purposeful leader and conscious creator of win-win-win outcomes and equitable business practices.



Techniques to Expand Your Energy & Activate your Highest Purpose



 Expertly Designed Modules with Charts, Videos, Worksheets & Quizzes



Including Guided Meditations & a Copy of the Groundbreaking Book that Started it All

You’ll learn:


What's Holding You Back

Uncover the unconscious blocks that stop you from achieving your career goals and learn how to release negative emotions and upgrade your thinking style.


How Your Intuition Is Speaking To You

You’ll learn your body’s unique psycho-physical process for decision-making and tapping into your inner wisdom.


Everything is Energy

You’ll learn how to read energy and increase your energetic vibration and become a magnet for your dreams and desires. I’ll also share with you a powerful activation technique to open your 5th-dimensional chakras and increase your connection.


Become a Conscious Creator

Discover your highest purpose as a leader and change-maker and become a conscious creator. With these techniques, you will purposefully design your ideal life to the benefit of yourself and those around you.

Course Breakdown

The Ascension Leadership Model

Discover the 5 pillars of the Ascension Leadership Model and learn the seven key steps to enhance intuition, upgrade your thinking, balance energy and raise your vibration.

Reconnect with Your Intuition

Discover your unique psychophysical process for receiving intuitive information and inner guidance and learn to trust the evidence of its accuracy so you can make empowered decisions to enhance business outcomes.

Think Differently

Gain new perspectives on your business or career and the relationship dynamics with your colleagues, stakeholders, and customers. Step into higher levels of thinking, creative problem solving, and global perspectives.

Step Into Your Personal Power

Expand your energy, increase the power of your intentions and create business and personal outcomes for the highest good of all.

BONUS: The Leader Within

Digital copy of the award-winning book, The Leader Within – 7 Steps to Ascension Leadership and Intuition in Business.

Are you ready to step into your personal power? 

You can get started right away and feel confident with my 100% money-back guarantee. Enroll now and get lifetime access to all modules, workbooks, videos, and bonuses to support your learning experience. You’ll also receive a digital copy of the groundbreaking book, The Leader Within – 7 Steps to Ascension Leadership and Intuition in Business

I’m so confident that this course will give you the insight and skills to step into greater alignment with your purpose, that I am giving you a no-risk guarantee. If you follow the 7 steps of the ALM and don’t feel a positive change, simply request a full refund. No questions asked.