Connect with Spirit

Connect with Spirit

Spiritual Guidance

Receive spiritual guidance with a reading focused on helping you get the answers you need to move forward.  Focusing on the energetic influences present in your life I share insight into actions that support healing, increased awareness and personal growth.

Often, a spiritual reading confirms the things you already know and sense, and it is a beautiful way to gain clarity and reassurance and feel the love being sent to you from Spirit.

My readings are sensitive, evidential and shared with the highest intention. I bring forward the most relevant information to assist you to make the decisions and choices that are aligned with your highest good.

Connect with Spirit

Undercover Intuitive

Perhaps you’ve started to notice signs or receive impressions that give you insights about people or situations. Maybe you’re already working with your psychic senses and want to increase your skills and confidence.

The Undercover Intuitive program will enhance your connection with your intuition and expand your awareness so you can be free of doubt and gain clarity on how to quickly resolve challenges and improve your life.

Focusing on developing your intuitive senses, this program is designed to uncover your psychic strengths and reconnect your Spiritual insight. 

Across 6 sessions, we’ll explore your primary psychic channels and develop your ability to connect with intuitive and psychic information.

Designed to overcome limiting beliefs related to intuitive abilities and reconnect to inner wisdom and insight. Learn techniques to:

  • tune in to your body, inner voice and Guides
  • raise your vibration and manage your energy
  • explore the use of tools such as Psychometry, Oracle cards, crystals and pendulum dowsing
  • gain skills in interpreting symbolism and understanding your personal processes for receiving information and guidance.


This is a 1:1 mentoring program that will teach you how to give accurate, sensitive readings to others and gain profound insight to your own  life to support your personal and spiritual growth. Sharing readings with others is an act of service that is motivated by the highest intentions of love and healing.  When you choose this work, you choose the path of light, compassion and love for all beings.